Sunday, December 27, 2009

Josh's first baptism

After Romina's interview she came and then told everyone that she wanted me to baptize her!!!! I just stared at her and Elder Lugo said, "Do you understand????" I muttered a quiet "Si." I was really surprised!!! We even talked with her family member before and they said that Romina had said she wanted Elder lugo to baptize her, but I guess not. So at 1:00 Sunday I baptized Romina in the church. It was a sweet expierience. I felt the most amazing feeling of peace and joy. I thanked the Lord very graciously for the opportunity to baptize her.

Saturday and Sunday we had District Conference. President Northcutt came and talked. After the saturday evening sesssion we had the baptism and he came to it. Elder Lugo asked me to give a talk after he was done baptizing Dominga. I was really nervous because President was going to be there and more than usual people because of the district conference! But I prayed and gave my talk. I know I messed up, but I tried to talk and show how important this was to me. I talked about Joseph Smith. I think it went fairly well and a couple of the members came and said thank you. President the next day said he even really enjoyed it.

On Sunday we were also knocking doors and Elder Lugo asked me to receive revelation on where to go. I tried it and this was our result! We were about to leave for nativity practice and we tried one last door. A man answered and asked if we were Mormons and we reponded yes! And he let us in. This man´s aunt apparently was one of the first members in San Pedro. This man knows everything! He has even had the discussions. He has the book Principles of the Gospel and the Family Home Evening guide! I know we were guided to him and I am excited to talk with him more!

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