Sunday, December 13, 2009

Megan's apartment and food!

There were cochroaches in our kitchen on our dishes so we have to keep our dishes in the refrigerator to keep them clean from critters. There are always little lizards everywhere-they're cute. We all have our own study desks and there is a balcony upstairs that looks over the street we live on. It's cute. We have eaten at home: pancakes, oatmeal, hot cocoa, tang, choc. milk, chicken nuggets, bacon, fish, mango's, bananas, pineapple, Out to eat: spagetti, sapiro(sp?) (little warm pita type things with mystery meet inside, haha.) Then I don't know what they are called but little cube shrimp and pork I think filled egg roll wrap type was a good description. They are from the Philippines what can I say? We got a barbequed chicken one time that was soo delicious. We also got a chicken kabob...haha I'm forgetting what everything's called-but this is american..the thing with the stick and the meat and what nots on it..? Anyway,that's really cheap and so we've gotten that.

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