Monday, June 27, 2011

Josh's 6-27-11 E-mail

Family How are you! We had our last conferecne with Presdient Nothcutt this weekend and he told us some stories.... The first! Brief summary, he was in the woods camping and he got lost! He was only 15 and was so scared! Night came, he got wet, and started to feel hypothermia. He prayed, expressed his feelings how he wanted to serve a mission, get married in the temple, and have a family. He heard a voice telling him he wouldnt die, and he would survive the night. He survived and they found him the next day by a helicopter! A couple years later, he was at BYU. He took a french class because he never thought he would use spanish, and there he saw Hermana Northcutt! He thought she was beautiful!!! He escorted her everyday to class. They started dating! He went on his mission and wrote her every week he got back and prayed for a answer if he was suspose to marry her. God told him yes! They got married in the San Diego, California temple. This december they will complete 40 years together. It is so insane that they are leaving! They are leaving this week! July 1st! I will only be with the nex president for 2 months!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wonderful Families in Tartagal

The Familia Gareka are the first family I ate with this week. They have seven daughters and two boys. We had FHE with them Thursday and they are a great family. They were baptized, went inactive, returned to the church because of their oldest daughter and were sealed in 2002 in the temple. The youngest daughter is 12 and they plan to go to the temple again in July. They love to laugh and we had a wonderful time with them!

The Familia Cejas is the family of the Branch President. His parents are the pioneers of Tartagal. His Dad was the first branch president and the branch president served his mission in Bahia Blanca where he met Sister Cejas....They ended up getting married in the Buenos Aires temple and have gone various times to the temple. They have three kids! The oldest 12 and the youngest 4.

The Familia Guerra. Both are converts to the church and have stayed strong for 10 years. They went to the temple in 2004 and both are leaders in the branch. They reminded a great deal of home! They have the spirit in their home


This next Sunday we have confirmation. She was baptized a couple of weeks ago, but we had a multi stake conference and was not confirmed. Her name is Nancy. She told me her family are members. I asked where they lived. She said San Pedro, Jujuy. I asked her her Moms name, she told me. I recognized it. She showed me a picture of her mom. I recognized her! I asked her grandmas name and she said...Agustina!!!!!!!! I CONFIRMED HER GRANDMA AND NOW I AM GOING TO CONFIRM HER!!!!! Agustina was my first baptism in my mission and now I am comfirming her grandaughter!!! Small world. Birth Place. Death Place. Family members. Tender Mercy.

Josh's 6-20-11 E-mail-His apartment

Being here in Tartagal is a blessing! I honestly and truly believe it is the strongest branch I have been in. Every member we have eaten with have gone to the temple and have been sealed as a family. Now, I am saying the members arent strong, but I am saying these members have made the sacrifice to go to the temple. Bolivia is a hour away from here. Paraguay is also a hour away from here. The majority of the members have gone to the Cochobamba, Bolivia temple. It is a days travel, but it is cheaper to go there then what ever other place. Let me tell you a little bit about the members that I have to love in only one week!!

Elder Tiejten (a distant cousin)

After I brought my stuff to the pension we returned to the terminal to say goodbye and guess who was there!!!! ELDER TIEJTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was so wonderful to see him! He is in my district and I will see him every week. It is very possible he will see me die. I loved seeing him. He is a wonderful friend and it brought back so many memories of White Rock. Well, we dont have very much time, but I will try to write more later this afternoon and send pictures! Oh! I have a idea! I was wondering if you could send me a advice letter. Like something you want to tell me ( counsel, comfort, weaknesses, etc...) but when I am flying home! I will not read it until I am flying home. If you want to do it! If not, that is wonderufl!

Josh's 6-13-11 E-mail

Friday, our leaders called...and told me...that I was leaving to Tartagal, Salta!!!! My resting place!!!! I had to leave Famailla at 8 to go take my bus at 10 to arrive at 7 this morning! I am two hours away from Bolivia! My companion is Elder Galvez and is a stud! I really enjoy being with him and we live in a pension of 4 missionaries. I am in the jungle!!!!! hahah! I saw some pictures they took before I came and it is super green Tarzan! It was kinda crazy to travel the entire night! But I guess I will be doing it in a few months.

Leaving Famailla was harder than I thought it would be. The most difficult and the ones I almost cried for was President and his wife and a member named Monica. I didn't cry, but it wrenched my heart to leave them and with the question I really might never see them again in this life...It was rough, but I know the Lord wants me to be here in Tartagal. The Lord calls and I will go where he wants me to go. I am excited to be here! The missionaires say it is a wonderful place!
LOVE, Elder Josh Dustin ( Tarzan) hahaha.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Avocados-Argentina style

Some members shared avocados with the Elders.

Do you think these shoes will last?

This is Josh's third pair of shoes. They don't look so great and I am wondering if he can get by without new shoes? He has 3 months left on his mission, but winter is coming...

Teaching Sunday School again...

This week once again I taught Sunday School, but my testimony was reaffirmed about a few principles. First, the importance of forgiveness. How often are we offended and refuse to forgive? Frequently and most of the time we are offended for little things that are foolish! Well, at least for me. Christ was willing to be beatean, spit upon, and cruficied and found in his heart the courage to forgive others. Forigiveness is a bitter thorn in our heart. I need to not be offended and forgive more often. I also relearned the importance of repentance. The prodigal son didn’t come back to his father until he was as far as he could go. We should repent as soon as we realize we are sinning. Family I love you and I ask for a special favor. Pray that I will finish stronger and I that I will work harder than I ever have in my entire life!!! I love you and I am proud to be your son, brother, nephew, grandson, cousin, and friend. Keep your head up!!!!!! And keep the fire burning!


I talked about Macarena Rivera before. She was a young women who left on her mission to Chile in June or July of last year. I heared a wonderful story which inspired me to always have hope in others. Macarena's father is a member, but became less active! Macarena became baptized in her youth and went on a mission. Other than her father, nobody else is a member. The missionaries a couple weeks ago went to her house to have lunch with the Rivera Family. As the elders were eating the Mama Rivera announced she had a surprise. The elders thought she was pregnant, going to move and many other things, but never expected the words out of her mouth to say… I want to be baptized! She has been married to a member and been around missionaries for more than 22 years! The beautiful gift was at Macarena's year mark they are going to send a picture of her mother in white on top of the box…They aren’t going to tell her before this! Haha! What a wonderful story!

Josh's 6-6-11 e-mail

I received a delightful letter this week from a old investigator in Jujuy. Well, she is not a investigator now! She is a member!!! I baptized her two younger sisters! I sent a picture, it was around Christmas time. I was teaching her also, but she didn’t get baptized with me. She sent me the letter telling me she got baptized, goes to institute, and is preparing to serve a mission! I was so happy! Her mother is a member, but less active and also mentioned I was the only missionary she allowed to come into her house. The fruits of the work are fulfilling and everlasting! Sometimes we are harvesters and other times Johnny Apple Seeders! Paola, Daniela, and Abigail also sent me a letter and told me that Paola is in institute, Daniela is in Seminary, and Abigail is active in Young Womens. The work of the Lord is wonderful!


FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is bittersweet, sometimes sweet and sometimes bitter, like salt! Haha. Let me tell you why…. I GOT MY FLIGHT PLANS!!!AHHAH!!!!! A mountain of emotions came over me!!! I will miss this beautiful work so terribly, but I have to admit, I love my family!!! So here are the flight plans:































Melanie's Comment: In case you can't follow this-the most important part is he will be home on Wednesday, September 7th at 9:15 p.m.-flying into CEDAR CITY!!!!

Josh's 5-30-11 E-mail

Every Sunday we go to go give the Sacrament to Hermana Flores. She is a member that is faithful, but has problems with health and has difficult time walking. This past Sunday she told us a story that was inspiring and noble. She grew up in the mountains where neighbors are scarce and privacy is common. During this time a young women wandered into town and the few town members discovered she had had a accident and had brain damage. Due to her strangeness they called her the beast. This young women was frequently mocked, scorned, and made fun of. For the youngsters of the town their favorite hobby became to molest her. The father of Hermana Flores, certainly was a strong man due to his life working in the field. He heard about the persecutions and went to go find the young women. He found her being molested by the town members. He went and stood in front of her, his entire body covering hers, and said in a powerful deep voice, That is enough!!!! She is not a beast! She is human, equally as you are!!! You will not treat her as a beast! After this he took the young women into this own home with his seven other children, cared for her and afterwards took her to a hospital to care for her. In the end she returned to the town completely healed and raised a family. I hope in my life I have been able to help others when no one else would. If not I am found guilty. God has given us hands to help others and to lift others up.

Josh's 5-23-11 E-mail

We recently had interviews with President Northcutt, but this time it was different because it was his final interviews with us. He is leaving in July and I will miss him and his wife, but excited that they will be able to go home and see their family. I remembered the first day I talked with President Northcutt and Hermana Northcutt. We got off the plane and went to go get our luggage. Outside the gate there stood President waiting for us. I imagine as a President of a mission that one of the most memorable parts is seeing excited new missionaries. In my recent interview with President we talked about Nephi and building his ship. What a incredible task! Nephi to me it sounds like never had experience of building a boat. His reaction was not, What? YOU WANT ME TO BUILD A BOAT? But his reaction was, How do you want me to build it? President pointed out that when he thinks his life is bad, he reads the scriptures and discovers our trials hardly are even trials compared to the prophets.

Missing Bridget's wedding...

Well, I played soccer again today and I found out I am extremely out of shape!!! I was tired after a few minutes!!! Looks like I have work to do when I get home!!! Well, I love you and I pray for you! I also received Bridget and Brandon's wedding invitation! Sorry, I won't be able to make it on time!

Josh's 5-16-11 E-mail

This week was wonderful! The Lord truly blessed us with finding some people who can progress and be baptized! But we will have to see what happens! One lesson I thought was hiliraous happened liked this, Karen and Juli are two young women who have lots of interest in learning about God. While we teaching them their Grandma was present and is a member of a Evangelist church. Everytime we taught a principle she said Amen! We came to the part about the importance to go to church. Karen then asked us, Do I need to go to your church or to the church of my Grandma? I was nervous, but Grandma saved the day! She said, you need to to their church and be baptized in their church and I will take you Sunday to their church! They have a wonderful Grandma!!

Josh's 5-9-11 E-mail

Time truly does pass by quickly doesn't it? I am sure all of us has a first memory that we have when we were small and that memory for some reason or another has stuck in our minds. Memories at times are a blessing and at other times are a learning tool from God. My first memory is when we lived in Enterprise, Oregon and of our pink house that we had. Another vivid memory as I talked to Mom and Dad came back to life. My first time that I called home in the mission field was not in Argentina, but in the MTC. I became known as a visa waiter and had to call home to tell Mom and Dad that I would not be leaving on time. Anxious to call my beloved parents I dialed our home number and to my dismay I did not hear Mom or Dads voice, but the cold lifeless answering machine!!!! Before I left into Argentina I called again to tell that I finally was leaving and once again my old friend Mr. Machine... To tell the truth I was sad. I enjoy talking to my family! I love them! I want to live with them forever! I left my message and then continued on in my mission. Often times when we pray we think our Heavenly Father only has a answering machine! That he is not listening and that when we call we when we only hear a cold voice that does not care about anything and that has no meaning in his voice! This is what Satan wants us to do. It is so important for us to pray with REAL intent or with a confidence that God is listening! and we have to pray with the energy of our heart or that we are willing to act on what we pray for. Praying is Acting. Acting is Doing Something. Doing Something brings blessings into our lives. We are not alone in a world with cold voiceless answering machines, but in a world with loving caring parents who are anxious to help us. I love you Family and keep your faith strong!!!

Melanie's comment: I saved all three of those messages. They become increasingly more sad as he realizes once again that he got the machine... The end of the story is that he finally connected with me on my cell phone and I did get to talk to him!!

Josh's 5-2-11 E-mail

This week I recieved something very special in the mail......something very cunning and important! My trunky Papers! NOoooo!!! The trunky papers are a request from the church asking where I would like to land for my final airplane stop. I put Ceder City as my first choice and St. George as my second....The first line tore my heart... It says,Elder Joshua Dustin, the The time has come FOR YOU to prepare to return to your home... I honestly could not believe it!!! It made me think about my entire mission and how much I have loved it. What a beautiful time!!! My precious two years are almost over! My spirit and my heart are full of thankfulness for allowing to have two to learn to love the people of Argentina!!! I remember my first in the MTC, my first day in Argentina, and as I thought about my mission it seemed every memory became clearer and more precious. I love the mission field....BUT sometimes a young hatch bird has to leave his nest to learn how to fly. There is a time and a season for everything! All we can do is continue onward with our love in Christ. Do not let your time today run away, we dont know how many tommorows will be in our lives. Show more love to your family, friends, and to our Heavenly Father. We are spoiled by blessings and we dont give enough Thank Yous. I love you family and I am thankful for you. I wonder if we recieved flight plans in heaven? Mabye it went like this. Dear Joshua Alton Dustin, the time has come for you to prepare to go to your earthly home, you will be the youngest of six and will be born in a magnificent family and have marvelous friends......

The Finish Line

I remembered a experience I had in college that I would like to share! During high school I ran 3 miles or a 5K. I was accustomed to this race! I had run it many times before I enjoyed it. College came and in Rexburg they have a 10K or 6 miles. I was nervous, but I wanted to run it! I memorized the course and I practiced it many times. I was prepared and I felt excited! Race Day came and I started the race and was surprised to find I was in third place and I continued in this position! I think I will always remember the end… To come into the finish line you have to come down a hill and afterwards turn right to the finish line. As I turned the corner I was surprised to see hundreds of the citizens of Rexburg cheering for me!!! They kept screaming and yelling! Good Job! You're Done!!! You made it! You can rest!!! I felt so…grateful for the people of Rexburg! They didn´t even know me and were cheering for me! Sometimes the race is so hard in life! It is so difficult to go on! We have trials and we are tired, but we can go on! Focus on the finish line! We can go on in such great a cause! We have to! People will cheer for you along the way! It isn´t that far and the reward is greater than we can imagine!

Josh's 4-25-11 E-mail

The Lord blessed us with baptisms! Two (hopefully!) future missionaries and a young woman were baptized. The hose didn´t work from the faucet so we filled up the baptismal font with buckets from the bathroom. It took about 4 hours, but that´s alright. I didn´t even feel tired! I was excited that my brothers and sister were entering in a covenant with the Lord. There truly never is a sacrifice big enough for the Lord! He gave us his life and suffered for the sins of the world! The only thing that we do to repay him is to obey him! If ye love me, keep my commandments!