Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Finish Line

I remembered a experience I had in college that I would like to share! During high school I ran 3 miles or a 5K. I was accustomed to this race! I had run it many times before I enjoyed it. College came and in Rexburg they have a 10K or 6 miles. I was nervous, but I wanted to run it! I memorized the course and I practiced it many times. I was prepared and I felt excited! Race Day came and I started the race and was surprised to find I was in third place and I continued in this position! I think I will always remember the end… To come into the finish line you have to come down a hill and afterwards turn right to the finish line. As I turned the corner I was surprised to see hundreds of the citizens of Rexburg cheering for me!!! They kept screaming and yelling! Good Job! You're Done!!! You made it! You can rest!!! I felt so…grateful for the people of Rexburg! They didn´t even know me and were cheering for me! Sometimes the race is so hard in life! It is so difficult to go on! We have trials and we are tired, but we can go on! Focus on the finish line! We can go on in such great a cause! We have to! People will cheer for you along the way! It isn´t that far and the reward is greater than we can imagine!

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