Monday, June 27, 2011

Josh's 6-27-11 E-mail

Family How are you! We had our last conferecne with Presdient Nothcutt this weekend and he told us some stories.... The first! Brief summary, he was in the woods camping and he got lost! He was only 15 and was so scared! Night came, he got wet, and started to feel hypothermia. He prayed, expressed his feelings how he wanted to serve a mission, get married in the temple, and have a family. He heard a voice telling him he wouldnt die, and he would survive the night. He survived and they found him the next day by a helicopter! A couple years later, he was at BYU. He took a french class because he never thought he would use spanish, and there he saw Hermana Northcutt! He thought she was beautiful!!! He escorted her everyday to class. They started dating! He went on his mission and wrote her every week he got back and prayed for a answer if he was suspose to marry her. God told him yes! They got married in the San Diego, California temple. This december they will complete 40 years together. It is so insane that they are leaving! They are leaving this week! July 1st! I will only be with the nex president for 2 months!

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