Sunday, June 12, 2011


I talked about Macarena Rivera before. She was a young women who left on her mission to Chile in June or July of last year. I heared a wonderful story which inspired me to always have hope in others. Macarena's father is a member, but became less active! Macarena became baptized in her youth and went on a mission. Other than her father, nobody else is a member. The missionaries a couple weeks ago went to her house to have lunch with the Rivera Family. As the elders were eating the Mama Rivera announced she had a surprise. The elders thought she was pregnant, going to move and many other things, but never expected the words out of her mouth to say… I want to be baptized! She has been married to a member and been around missionaries for more than 22 years! The beautiful gift was at Macarena's year mark they are going to send a picture of her mother in white on top of the box…They aren’t going to tell her before this! Haha! What a wonderful story!

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