Sunday, June 12, 2011

Josh's 5-2-11 E-mail

This week I recieved something very special in the mail......something very cunning and important! My trunky Papers! NOoooo!!! The trunky papers are a request from the church asking where I would like to land for my final airplane stop. I put Ceder City as my first choice and St. George as my second....The first line tore my heart... It says,Elder Joshua Dustin, the The time has come FOR YOU to prepare to return to your home... I honestly could not believe it!!! It made me think about my entire mission and how much I have loved it. What a beautiful time!!! My precious two years are almost over! My spirit and my heart are full of thankfulness for allowing to have two to learn to love the people of Argentina!!! I remember my first in the MTC, my first day in Argentina, and as I thought about my mission it seemed every memory became clearer and more precious. I love the mission field....BUT sometimes a young hatch bird has to leave his nest to learn how to fly. There is a time and a season for everything! All we can do is continue onward with our love in Christ. Do not let your time today run away, we dont know how many tommorows will be in our lives. Show more love to your family, friends, and to our Heavenly Father. We are spoiled by blessings and we dont give enough Thank Yous. I love you family and I am thankful for you. I wonder if we recieved flight plans in heaven? Mabye it went like this. Dear Joshua Alton Dustin, the time has come for you to prepare to go to your earthly home, you will be the youngest of six and will be born in a magnificent family and have marvelous friends......

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