Sunday, June 12, 2011

Josh's 5-9-11 E-mail

Time truly does pass by quickly doesn't it? I am sure all of us has a first memory that we have when we were small and that memory for some reason or another has stuck in our minds. Memories at times are a blessing and at other times are a learning tool from God. My first memory is when we lived in Enterprise, Oregon and of our pink house that we had. Another vivid memory as I talked to Mom and Dad came back to life. My first time that I called home in the mission field was not in Argentina, but in the MTC. I became known as a visa waiter and had to call home to tell Mom and Dad that I would not be leaving on time. Anxious to call my beloved parents I dialed our home number and to my dismay I did not hear Mom or Dads voice, but the cold lifeless answering machine!!!! Before I left into Argentina I called again to tell that I finally was leaving and once again my old friend Mr. Machine... To tell the truth I was sad. I enjoy talking to my family! I love them! I want to live with them forever! I left my message and then continued on in my mission. Often times when we pray we think our Heavenly Father only has a answering machine! That he is not listening and that when we call we when we only hear a cold voice that does not care about anything and that has no meaning in his voice! This is what Satan wants us to do. It is so important for us to pray with REAL intent or with a confidence that God is listening! and we have to pray with the energy of our heart or that we are willing to act on what we pray for. Praying is Acting. Acting is Doing Something. Doing Something brings blessings into our lives. We are not alone in a world with cold voiceless answering machines, but in a world with loving caring parents who are anxious to help us. I love you Family and keep your faith strong!!!

Melanie's comment: I saved all three of those messages. They become increasingly more sad as he realizes once again that he got the machine... The end of the story is that he finally connected with me on my cell phone and I did get to talk to him!!

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