Sunday, June 12, 2011

Josh's 5-30-11 E-mail

Every Sunday we go to go give the Sacrament to Hermana Flores. She is a member that is faithful, but has problems with health and has difficult time walking. This past Sunday she told us a story that was inspiring and noble. She grew up in the mountains where neighbors are scarce and privacy is common. During this time a young women wandered into town and the few town members discovered she had had a accident and had brain damage. Due to her strangeness they called her the beast. This young women was frequently mocked, scorned, and made fun of. For the youngsters of the town their favorite hobby became to molest her. The father of Hermana Flores, certainly was a strong man due to his life working in the field. He heard about the persecutions and went to go find the young women. He found her being molested by the town members. He went and stood in front of her, his entire body covering hers, and said in a powerful deep voice, That is enough!!!! She is not a beast! She is human, equally as you are!!! You will not treat her as a beast! After this he took the young women into this own home with his seven other children, cared for her and afterwards took her to a hospital to care for her. In the end she returned to the town completely healed and raised a family. I hope in my life I have been able to help others when no one else would. If not I am found guilty. God has given us hands to help others and to lift others up.

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