Sunday, June 12, 2011

Josh's 5-16-11 E-mail

This week was wonderful! The Lord truly blessed us with finding some people who can progress and be baptized! But we will have to see what happens! One lesson I thought was hiliraous happened liked this, Karen and Juli are two young women who have lots of interest in learning about God. While we teaching them their Grandma was present and is a member of a Evangelist church. Everytime we taught a principle she said Amen! We came to the part about the importance to go to church. Karen then asked us, Do I need to go to your church or to the church of my Grandma? I was nervous, but Grandma saved the day! She said, you need to to their church and be baptized in their church and I will take you Sunday to their church! They have a wonderful Grandma!!

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