Sunday, September 4, 2011

Josh's 7-4-11 E-mail-Robbery!

Well, this week was scary. We were walking to a family home evening and this kid starting calling out names at us. This is not weird, but normal. We kept walking fastly and we had a safe distance away from him. But this punk came down to us and he had a knife. He asked for our cell phone, but we didnt have one. He didnt believe us so he searched our pockets and took 20 pesos from my companion and he took my camera. That evening we had a family home evening with a family and that is why I was carrying it. I never carry it, it just was that day and at that time. The pathetic thing was when it happened. It was at 6 oclock in the afternoon! The sun was up! Their were also people watching and all they did was watch. During this entire week we have been extremly nervous when night time arrives. We were careful before and now I feel like a deer in the headlights! hahaha. Thank you so much for your prayers and faith. Your prayers were answered and thank you for praying. A camera is not worth two lives, but i am still sorry i lost it.... I feel really bad about that.

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