Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dimas' baptism

The other elders in our branch had a baptism, but I feel like he is my convert because we taught him a few times. I guess he wanted me to baptize him, but he thought it had to be one of the elders who was teaching him. His name is Dimas and he is a stud. His girlfriend is a member of the Familia Galvez and a member of the church. They are going to get married in October. He told me how he met his girlfriend, which was interesting. He was drunk and he saw his future wife walking and told her that she was the most beautiful girl in the entire world! She kinda stared at him and told thanks for the compliment and I´ll see you later! Well, Dimas went over to the Familia Galvez´s house to drink with their son and his future wife, Deborah, was there! He went over to the table and once again told her that she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen! She stared and told him once again, Thank you. Dimas gained courage this time and asked her on date. Deborah´s reply was, I don´t date drunk men, when you are sober I will go on a date with you.¨ The next week Dimas was walking home from work and who did he see in the plaza? He wasn´t drunk, so he went and asked Deborah on a date and that is where the story starts. He isn´t fat, but he´s bigger. There weren´t any pants to fit him so he had to wear a tunic.....but what is important is that he was baptized! He is such a good guy and he has grown to be a wonderful friend!

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