Sunday, September 4, 2011

Magi's progress

Magi is so excited to be baptized! She had a wonderful experience with prayer! She had to a test this week and was so nervous because it was her hardest subject in school! She was worried and she decided to say a prayer to be calm and to be able to take her test well! She got to school and found out it was oral test and not a handwritten test! This made her even more worried and started to pray even more! She had studied a great deal knowing that prayer without works is dead! In the end her group was the only group to pass! Magi knew that it wasn´t luck, but that she had received God´s help. Magi is also starting to be a missionary! She brought her Mom to church! Her Mom is a die-heart catholic, but she brought her anyways! Asking what Zodiac sign you are is a fairly common question here and Magi´s Mom asked me what sign I was. Thanks to my time in Argentina, I knew that I was Cancer which is crab. Magi´s Mom gasped and replied, ¨ CANCER! OHh!!! Cancer are the most wonderful people and the most nice and….she just kept going on! Apparently she really believes in the signs! She gained confidence in me quickly because I am from Cancer! She liked church and hopefully will bring her family next week to church!

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