Sunday, September 4, 2011

Magi's story

Magarita is a tender mercy from the Lord and let me tell you why! This week we recieved a reference from a branch president who presides in another area. His close, ;), friend Magarita wants to know about the church. Not because of her close friend, but because she has a sincere interest to know the truth. We met with her Thursday and I was left in shock! She knows everything and believes everything! Her friend recently got back from the temple trip and brought her a triple and she is reading with him! They have read until 1 Nephi 17 since Thursday. She prayed, she recieved a answer, she knows the church is true and she knows she should be baptized. She comments everytime that she feels happier when we are talking. When we are not with her, the branch president is helping her along the way. She very likely could be my last baptism i have in my entire mission! Magi has a easiness to believe and loves to believe it! Her testimony is solid and she hasn´t even been baptized yet! The Lord truly does love you and cares for us. I don´t feel like I am teaching Magarita, but that she was prepared to recieve the gospel. She probably is the most prepared person I have recognized in my entire mission!

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