Sunday, September 4, 2011

Temple Trip Testimonies

The temple crew came back and a few were invited to share their testimonies. They were so simple and loving. Let me share a few of things they said and that I wrote done. First, Tatiana Cejas ( her Dad is the branch president), ¨ I have gone to the temple before and I have seen the outside, but I never went in. I went in and i feel different now. I want to go back.¨ Second, Maria Figurora, After the temple we had a testimony meeting on Thursday night and I didn´t want to go back! We suffered so much to get back and we just didn´t want to leave. I love the temple. Third, Noelia Romero ¨, When I was baptized, my goal was to go to the temple and be baptized for my Mom. I was baptized for her!!! When we had our testimony meeting, I had the impresion she had accepted the gospel and was happy and one day we can live together once again. ( Noelia is only 19 and her mom day when she was 12) There were many more testimonies, but the spirit was present. Afterwards, I had the opportunity to speak! I spoke on the importance of our callings. I commented how everyone has a calling because we are members of the church. We promised when we were baptized to help those who cried and to lift up their spirit! Everyone has a calling. I knew that the spirit helped me and that the Lord was merciful to help me. How loving the Lord is!

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