Sunday, September 4, 2011

Magi's Baptism

Margarita Isabel Molina was baptized this week!!!!!! It was so amazing! Her family came except for her Dad, but her joy was immense because her brother, sister, and Mom came to her baptism. Her brother and sister were excited about the piano in the church building because they are learning how to play! Franco Lujan the member that introduced her to the gospel and the branch president in close by town baptized her. Her tunic was huge! She is skinny! She looked like she was being drowned! Many members came so we didnt have space in the baptismal room and we had to go to the sacrament meeting room to have the talks and songs. While everybody was changing we watched the restoration the pull down screen! It was great and the spirit was present! I hope Magi and Franco will do other covenants in the future. Well, I love you and care about you! I am praying for you and I hope all is well! Remember that God loves you!


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