Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tartagal trip to the temple

This week is vacation week for Tartagal! The members excited for their break, decided to go to the temple! It is so exciting! For many this is the first time that they will go! Some will go for baptisms, others to get sealed as a family and the majority has a name or two to do the work for an ancestor! What a wonderful service! 100 people went to the temple for their vacation! They filled two buses. Every Saturday we eat with the District President and he was worried because they still had not found all the hotel rooms. I just looked at him and smiled and told him everything will be alright. He looked at me kinda weird and then his wife said, you are right, everything will be alright! It reminded me when I was at home with Mom and she would be worried about something and I would say everything will be alright. It´s true! If we are obedient, everything will be alright!

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