Sunday, September 4, 2011

Franco and his pet pig, Juana

We were looking for less actives this week and we found Franco. Franco is a stud! He is ten, but is super smart! He loves English and his Dad is a member. His best friend is a member of the church. Luckily this family is active and Franco came with them this past Sunday to Church. Franco has a powerful spirit! I imagine him one day serving a mission! He also has a pet pig named Juana, who likes to scream if you pick her up….Franco should be baptized the 20th of August. Our goal is his entire can become active or baptized. Franco is the oldest! He has a sister that is 7 named Olivia, and a brother named Moses, who is 4. I am so grateful we were guided to Franco. The Lord wants Franco to be baptized and become active in the church.

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