Sunday, September 4, 2011

Josh's 8-22-11 E-mail

We had interviews with President Levrino ( I will have one more!) It went well. He is such a nice man and I know I would have enjoyed more time with him, but I guess the Lord wanted two months. I decided to send pictures to families and converts during my entire mission. It was a semi-good idea. I wrote on all the pictures today and it brought back a waterfall of memories, from the begging of my mission! From the MTC until now! I was awestruck and couldn´t believe that two years had passed by! I honestly cannot believe it! I still feel like a little kid, not a ex-missionary! What a wonderful adventure it has been. Serving people for two years, what other greater blessing could one ask for? I cannot think of one! The mission has been the best desicion of my entire life!!!! I remember when I would sing in primary I hope they call me on a mission. Well I guess my hope got completed! My heart aches! Yesterday is the Sunday dedicated to missionaries. We have to assign people to talk or we have to talk. Well, I decided to talk since it would be my last time to give a talk in the branch. I decided to talk about the importance of a example. A example is how we express our testimony. More people have been converted through examples and not through knocking doors. Being a good example is not just important, but vital in our lives. If we live the gospel, we won´t even need to try to be a example, we will be one without trying. Moroni was a example because he stood alone when it was hard. He still stands alone, showing his example to the entire world on top of temples. I shared many other examples and stories, but at the end of the talk the time came to share my testimony. I was even planning on out, but I started to cry! I felt so foolish! haha. It wasn´t rain tears ether, but it was like a river! It just really hit me how much I have grown to love the people of Argentina. I have given my heart to them! and now my heart has to leave! I love you so much family and friend and I truly am excited to see you. I am so greatful I can live with everyone in heaven if we obey the commandments. I am not planning on it, but I imagine I will shed a few more tears before I leave. I guess that´s a good thing! hahaha

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