Sunday, September 4, 2011

Miguel Socorro

Miguel Socorro is a good guy, just when you first met him he is interesting….Our lessons before have been different. During one lesson, he agreed to be baptized at the beginning and at the end he refused to be baptized and called himself a child of the devil. That was crazy lesson! We have been working with him since the first week I came here. He surprised and came to churched and stayed the entire time! He also is reading the Book of Mormon and is in Second Nephi. He shocked us in our last lesson! We came, we started with a prayed, and Miguel surprised us by telling us a experience! He was laying in his bed and was just thinking about church and what we were teaching him, when he felt he should be baptized! When he told me this, I was just smiling! He received an answer! Miguel wants to be baptized! We are hoping for the 13th of August or if not the 20th! The Lord loves us so much and loves to bless us!!!

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