Sunday, December 13, 2009

Josh's 12-1-09 e-mail

Today´s p-day was awesome! A super awesome member named Phillip took us to the mountains about an hour away. The pictures are awesome and I will try to send one or two. They are so green! We then kept driving and stopped at this really nice house. They had a pool and the water was heated from a volcano I guess! That is what I understood. They also had a monkey-it was crazy to see one. It kept chirping at us!
We then drove back the mountain and went to eat at this place called the mansion. The mansion was very nice. They kept feeding us! Everything! From a cow…I think I eat some things that most people usually wouldn´t eat if they knew the english word! But honestly the meat was good and I surprised everybody because I kept eating it. We then had ice cream and drove back to San Pedro. We then went to Phillips house and helped him put in a air conditioner. Phillip did all of this for us and paid for everything!

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