Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Megan's 2-20-11 e-mail

Where do I start? This week, this transfer, this year and a half, has gone by in a way that, I don't know how!!!?? I can't beleive how close I've gotten with these people in Dagami-just having been here only 5 weeks. I really do love them and I will miss them!!! Loving and then having to leave these people is a bit heart wrenching, but I know we will meet again. We had a baptism yesterday and it was great! One of our recent convert's mothers got baptized and it was so great! Her two other sons are getting baptized on March 5. We had 8 investigators come and our attendance was 51. Life is so great! I love life. I love the Lord! I love how he teaches me things. I love that I am His missionary. Being able to represent Him in this way as a missionary, is so GREAT!!!
This week was a bit hard, knowing that I won't see some of these people continue to go to church, or see them baptized, but I know that that is not why I came on a mission! I came to show them love, and to be their friend, and to teach them the way back!I will miss praying with these people, and teaching them!!!! I don't know why but I can't sufficiently express myself when I talk about them!!! Words cannot express the things I've learned and the person I've become and how I've changed. I LOVE THIS GOSPEL WITH ALL MY HEART!!!! I love how the Lord has changed me and made me into a better person. He has taken me in His arms, and carried me! I love all of you so much and I cant wait to see all of your BEAUTIFUL FACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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