Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Megan's last baptisms

Now I want to tell you about our work!! It's doing great!! We have 4 baptisms this Sunday, We went and saw the worldwide leadership training in our district center, and that was awesome! We have our last zone conference this wednesday and the days seems to be slipping away from me. I had to get an xray this morning to check for TB. these 4 weeks that I've been here in Dagami, I've grown so close to the people here!!! To think that I wont be a missionary anymore is really really really SAD!!! But we're just staying really really busy so that I won't think about it!!! We have baptisms planned for March 5.....and when I was committing them the realization that I won't see it really hurt!!! I'm so excited for these 4 baptisms coming up! There is so much WORK to be done!!!!!!!! I CAN'T leave!!! I kept before going back and forth, between April or May.....once I almost went back to April....but the quiet voice came back and confirmed my first decision. I feel that President felt it also. There's this 12 year old that was supposed to get baptized with the 4 on Sunday, but he slept in yesterday! Of all the Sundays that he's diligently come!!! Of course it would happen on the day that is THE most crucial!!! Right before he gets baptized, but I know that there's a purpose in all things...maybe we're supposed to teach another member in his family and they are to get baptized together. We don't know. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I love this work! Well I have to go!!! Until next time!

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