Saturday, March 20, 2010

Josh's 3-8-10 e-mail

The Lord blessed us with a baptism this week! Her name is Sol and she was baptized in three weeks! For an investigator without attending church before this is the fastest they can be baptized. The Lord truly blessed us and Sol was truly ready. Sol is 12 and her mom, Elizabeth is a member. She has three younger sisters, Mikela, Luna, and Wanda. They live in one of the most humble houses I have seen. They are always so much fun! They always ask me to say one of the prayers, as it is a game for them to try to guess what I said! I also had the blessing of confirming Sol and I messed up the first time and had to do it again! When we asked Sol to be baptized she took a very long time….and Elder Heddinger had me talk with her alone! I could tell she was nervous so I asked her if she wanted to say a prayer. We prayed and afterwards we talked and then I asked if she wanted to think alone and she agreed. She was alone for probably thirty minutes and then asked to talk with me again . She asked if her mom could baptize her, I told her no and explained the priesthood. She then asked about the Bishop and what he does in the ward. I explained what the Bishop does and afterwards she told me she wanted to be baptized by the Bishop. It was so precious!

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