Saturday, March 20, 2010

Megan's Plea: Go to the Temple!

It's weird, but I have been missing being in the temple like I haven't eaten for months. I can honestly say I YEARN to be there...!! I want to be there soooo bad. I don't know why I have been missing it so bad. I start to cry every time I think about being in the temple.I want others to yearn to be there too-I want to help them get there. Please go the temple for me-and when you do, soak it all in!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the lights, and the carpet, and soak in how absolutely completely infinitely spotless it is!!!!!!!! Cleanliness is TRULYYYY next to godliness. Look at the big picture of Jesus Christ. When you're sitting on those big comfy perfectly clean sofa chairs, look down at your white dress and think of the sacrifice that our elder brother made so that we can wear that beautiful white-so that we can be clean. Please go to the temple for me. When I get home I want to spend a whole 3 days there.

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