Monday, March 1, 2010

Megan's 2-28-10 e-mail

I don't have much time! But I wanted to tell you about life as a missionary:) I'm still in Palompon, and my companion is Sister Malicdem. She is from the Philippines-forget exactly where. Our attendance went up this week-from 94 to 107. We had 13 investigators-one family in particular we were happy because they all came-three little boys, a mom, and a baby. Her husband left her about 8 months ago and she doesn't know where he is. We were lacking a lot of less active families. It's hard feeling so responsible-like your work wasn't worth it-but it's not true-no effort is wasted. We thought so many other people would come to church-but they didn't show. I almost appreciate more when people say "Dili ko saad.."(I can't promise) rather than "oo, moadto mi didto." ("yeah, we'll go there." because then you have less disappointments. But it's ok, everyone has their own agency so if we know we did our best then we shouldn't be sad. Cebuano is still a big struggle for me-and I often feel so overwhelmed that I feel Satan's influence on me to stop trying but I must keep going!! I only fail when I give up. There is so much that I want to know and learn, and I feel so overwhelmed, that I end up not accomplishing a lot because I am just...I don't know! The waves are big!! But the Book of Mormon always brings me back-I am in Alma 2 right now and the wars are so relative to me right now-I feel I am in the middle of one-I know that Satan knows what we can all do! He knows our abilities and he will try his hardest to get us to be LAZy and to not keep trying and to not Set Goals! and to not make the most of our time and especially to not PRAY with our WHOLE hearts! But I must keep going because there are people that I will meet in my short time here that will make my struggles all worth it!

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