Monday, March 1, 2010

Josh's 3-1-10 e-mail

We had some awesome spiritual experiences this week! So Karla and Miguel, I know I talk about them alot, but they're my life right now!! So they have agreed to be married! We just have to have them sign a few papers and they are married! Yesterday we went to their house and help them put stuff on top of their house. Their house is very ¨ humble¨ you might say. :) Afterwards a huge rain storm came and it was so loud! The thunder and lightning were also very scary and very close. We could tell they were un-comfortable so we blessed their house and sang "Peace, Be Still." Afterwards we gave Miguel a priesthood blessing because his head hurt. I had the privilege of giving the blessing and during the blessing I felt prompted to tell Miguel one day he will receive the priesthood and he will be able to bless his family. It was very powerful. Only Miguel came to church this week because Karla needed to take care of her kids, but next Sunday she will come so they will have enough Sundays to be baptized. While we were picking up investigators Miguel was left alone in the car with the Taxi driver. The Taxi driver began to talk not very well about us and began trying to confuse Miguel. Miguel stood strong. He bore his testimony to the taxi driver and how we worship Jesus Christ. I was so proud of him when he told us this! He will not fall when he becomes a member. He is so strong! Karla and Miguel are willing to do whatever God asks of them.

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