Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Teaching Experience

All that I still want is to speak Cebuano. It's getting better. On Sunday I gave a lesson in English because a girl's husband (they are from Manila), knows English and Waray Waray, no Cebuano-so I gave it in English. He is awesome. He went to church earlier that day and then we taught him in the afternoon- and I felt the spirit soo much. I don't know that I have felt the spirit like that in a lesson thus far on my mission, and it made me kind of sad because the reason I did feel the spirit was because I think, I was able to invite the spirit by my words. I was able to really tell him how I felt and I wasn't worried about grammar or if I was saying it right or anything, I was just talking to him like a person, like a person who really needs to hear this. I had no worries at all!!

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