Monday, February 1, 2010

Teaching Rudy Sevilla-Megan

Sunday we had an investigator come to church that we've been teaching for about 3 weeks now. I'm pretty sure he'll get baptized. His name is Rudy Sevilla, and he's 65. He wanted to know more about the church one Saturday a while ago and so he came to the church-one of the branch presidency members was there and they talked for quite a while about the church-Bro. Sanoy gave him a Book of Mormon and the next time we visited him he said he was so grateful for the Book of Mormon and for us coming. We taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and gave him a pamphlet. Then the next time we gave him the plan of salvation pamphlet and he had a lot of questions about baptism and authority. We assigned him 1 Ne. 13, and 2 Ne 31. Then the next time we taught him the restoration...kind of backwards because that first day we were out of pamphlets. His son is a pastor and his wife gave him a lot of persecution the night before sunday when he told her that he was going to church,but he came anyway. The first day we met him he said, I dont' know if I'll come to your church, it's all up to the Lord. How cool is that? It wouldn't matter if these missionaries came to him and taught him something, he is going to leave it up to the Lord on whether he should go or not.

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