Sunday, February 14, 2010

Josh's 2-8-10 e-mail

Miguel and Karla are doing good, but we had an interesting experience with them! We were with another family and Karla and Miguel were our backup plan for that day. We were just going to pass by and say hello and then the next day we were going to teach them. It was late and we weren´t sure if we should pass by because we were going to see them tomorrow! But we went anyways and…there in their house was the Jehovah´s Witness! They let us in and the Jehovah´s witness quickly left. They were so confused! They didn´t know what to believe! I was nervous also, they had just had a huge spiritual experience with the Book of Mormon and now they were confused. After we saw that they were confused we sat down and listened. The Jehovah´s Witness had told Karla and Miguel that we worked for the devil and that they should put the Book of Mormon in a trash bag and throw it into their neighbor's yard. Miguel was really confused why they would say this about the Book of Mormon. For probably around an hour we listened and once in a while shared a scripture and bore our testimony. With time Miguel and Karla calmed down and regained the spirit during the lesson. With the spirit they began to remember the feeling they felt Sunday about the Book of Mormon and didn´t worry. We left with confidence and no doubt that the spirit had taught Miguel and Karla. This experience with them helped me. It showed the importance of listening to the spirit, just listening to people, and that everything will be all right if you have faith in Christ. They came to church this Sunday and really enjoyed it! We went to their house in a taxi and it was so beautiful to see them in church. I never really thought that one of the biggest challenges would be to encourage people to come to church or how to keep it holy.

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