Monday, February 1, 2010

Power of the Book of Mormon

We had a precious experience with Miguel and Carla this week. We have sisters in our zone and found Miguel because he works in their area. Well he got transferred over to us because he lives in Mananteal. The Jehovah Witnesses went over to their house because Miguel has started the search to know God. He enjoyed them. He enjoyed what they said. He even has their book that explains the Bible. Then we came and talked with them. During the lesson we gave the them the Book of Mormon and left with a promise that if they would read the Book of Mormon they would know the truth. We promised we would visit them Sunday morning to help them to church. We went to their house and they had forgotten, but they had read!!! Miguel was ecstatic about the Book of Mormon, he loved it. He read 3 Ne 11 three times! He loves the Bible, he said, but now wants to read the Book of Mormon more. He knows the truth. He said, I don´t have to search for no longer, the truth is here as he touched the Book of Mormon. Ohh! It was amazing! I loved it. Like Megan said there is power in the Book of Mormon, more than we know.

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