Sunday, May 2, 2010

Branch of Lules

We received permission from President Northcutt to go to a town called Lules. It is about 40 minutes away from here. They used to have missionaries, but the missionaries didn’t do the greatest things and they haven’t had elders for about a year or two. We are the next closest town so we are going to be able to work there. We have lunch with the proxy-branch president, Hermano Anchava. He goes to Lules every Sunday, but lives here in Manantial. I am really excited! Lules has about 15 people every Sunday in their branch. They are also really young! The first counselor of the branch is 20 years old! Imagine me being the first counselor! Crazy! We probably will go one or two days every week.

Melanie's comment: Yes, I can imagine him being the first counselor or a branch president. He has great leadership potential!

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