Monday, May 17, 2010

Josh's upcoming baptisms

We have found three new kids to teach! They are children of less-active family´s and haven´t been baptized. Being from less-active families is kind of a gift. They already know about the gospel and have been to church a couple times. Their names are Enzo, Mimi, and Nieve. They are all great and fully of energy! and the best part they want to be baptized! We are planning for their baptism in 2 weeks, but as you know baptism´s don´t always go through. But we are hoping for the better!

Melanie's comments: Josh told us during the Mother's Day phone call that he and his companion rent a taxi on Sunday morning and drive to some of the members' homes and pick up whoever will come to church-usually it is just the children, but hopefully they will become strong members of the church and future missionaries!

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