Friday, May 14, 2010

Josh's 5-3-10 e-mail

This week flew by! On Tuesday we had 18 missionaries come and help us find new people to teach. The result was we found 32 new people to teach, in one day. We were extremly greateful and have had plenty of work to do! Let me share some of our new investagadors.
Romana and Maria Jose are great! Everything we teach to them, just seems to make sense for them. They promised that this next Sunday they will come to church! Alva and Rosa are wonderful also! Two days before Alva was praying for the true church and two days afterwards we showed up! She has already read 3 Nephi 11 three different times! Her mom, Rosa, has heard the missionaires before and has a Book of Mormon. They also promised to come to church this upcoming Sunday. Karla and Miguel plan to finish everything to get married this week and have a baptismal date for the 22nd of May. For Norma and Rode we asked once again if they wanted to be baptized, but this time we let them put the date. They said the 14th of May! Please pray for them! They need the joy of church so much in their lives.
This week we found Susanna. Susanna is a less-active member, but has known the church for 40 years! Her testimony is amazing. I felt like a little boy when she shared her testimony and I know I can learn many things from her. Hopefully we can help go back to church also!

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