Sunday, May 2, 2010

Megan's 4-26 e-mail

Yesterday our attendance at church was 107, and investigators attendance was 6. A little on the low side but we did our best. Tuesday were going to Tacloban to renew my visa so that I can stay here longer. I can't explain to you how fast time is slipping out of my fingers. It makes me realize how expensive every day is. If I don't talk to that person or I don't take the chances that are right in front of my nose to share the gospel, they are gone-and I'll never get today back. People move away, they go on vacations, and even if they don't leave, we will. We are in and out of their lives, and theirs in ours. I love these people so much. All that I want for them is to stay in the church. All I want them to do is to give their lives over to the Savior. The stress sometimes is so heavy, I feel the responsibilities that I have,but then I fall to my knees and plead with our Father in Heaven that my tongue will be guided and that somehow I will be able to be the instrument that he needs me to be. I've never realized before how precious one hour is. How many hours in my life I've wasted! And how hungry I now am do soo many things with the precious time that will be given to me for the rest of my life. God has given us soo much.

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