Sunday, February 6, 2011

Josh's 1-31-11 E-mail

Today we invited the branch to come and play with us Ultimate Frisbee! Yeah! Many came, but only our branch president wanted to play with us. We went to a field and with him we threw the Frisbee around between the three of us. This is the way President Javier Marchetti works. He has only been a member for little over a year and yet one can tell he was prepared to accept the gospel. At a young age he wanted to find God, he was confused and in the end thought it was better to be atheist. He married his wife and once again the desire to find God came into his life. They both decided they didn´t want to be Catholics and began the search. Monica Aragon is a friend of Hermana Marchetti, served a mission and while the hermana was searching for a church happen to talk to Monica and Monica invited some friends over. President Marchetti had questions such as ,¨ If God called prophets, shouldn´t he call them today?¨ They accepted the gospel with easiness and live it with diligence. His first calling was to be Branch President. The Lord knows what we can do and what we should do. The only thing we can give Him is our will and let Him take charge. He can do a lot more with our lives than we can. I desire to give my will to the Lord for my entire life.

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