Sunday, February 6, 2011

Josh's 'investigator'

This week we were talking with Peter. Peter before was a very active member. He had many important callings and he was preparing for a mission. Some things happened and he went inactive. Only recently we went to go visit him. The lesson was powerful. I felt inspired to talk about who we really are. We are children of God and have the potential to be like him. We also talked about how we were chosen and elected for these days. We fought a war in heaven and now we are in another war with more casualties. Around us we have spiritual medics called the scriptures, prayer, prophets, fasting, many things that will keep us safe in the horrible war. For myself one of them most comforting doctrines of the gospel is that I am a son of God and that I was saved for this day. You were too! Shall we go on in such great cause? How can we say no? Never forget who you are!

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