Sunday, February 13, 2011

No e-mail from Megan 2-7-11 (sort of)

So, Sunday night as usual I e-mailed Megan. I told her I hadn't received any e-mail from her the previous week and needed her response to the deferrment from BYU-I. Then I decided to check my 'junk' e-mail and there was an e-mail entitled, "Proposed Itinerary for Megan Dustin" from church travel. I quickly opened it and saw the date for her travel: March 2nd. Oh, no, the travel department didn't get the message that she extended. I quickly shot an e-mail back to them (which of course they wouldn't get til the next morning) and told them of the error. Then I went back to my inbox and there was a one line e-mail from Megan saying, "Is this working?" I e-mailed back and said, "Yes". Several minutes later she replied that the internet was not working properly and she hoped she would be able to e-mail. I sent another message back that church travel had her booked for March 2nd!!!! Several minutes later she sent another e-mail saying, "Yes, mom I am coming home March 2nd," and that is the last we heard!! So I can only assume that the information I sent her changed her mind, she reported to her mission president and church travel revised her original travel plans. So I told Rick that this is like finding out you are really nine months pregnant and get to deliver the baby any day when you actually thought you were only 8 months pregnant. Woo hoo!

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