Sunday, February 6, 2011

No e-mail from Megan 1-31-11

I received the deferrment letter from BYU-I two weeks ago and mentioned to Megan that we needed to reply. She responded that she had taken all the pre-requisites for the nursing program in her two years there and hadn't been able to get into the nursing program so she thought she would stay in Cedar when she returns from her mission and apply to this nursing school and others instead of go back to BYUI. So I tried to log on to her bYU-I account and had to answer her challenge question since she didn't remember her password. Challenge question: "What is your favorite beanie baby?" Well, she (and Josh) have a large collection of these adorable little toys and she often drew a picture of one of them in her drawings: 'Pixie'. So I entered that and it was wrong. So I e-mailed her asking this very important question and for whatever reason she wasn't able to e-mail me back. In that same e-mail I also told her that her friend Raelynn had called and wanted to know if she wanted to room with her for spring semester (April-July) because it will be Raelynn's final semester at BYUI. So I thought this piece of information might change Megan's mind and so I needed a response for that too. Alas, I will just have to wait til the next Monday...

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