Sunday, February 6, 2011

Josh's 1-16-11 e-mail

Graciela is another one of our investigators who is progressing finely. She studied with the Jehovah´s Witness before, but didn´t agree about not donating blood and not standing for the flag. When we started with her she said Jehovah every other word. She prayed to Jehovah, but with time the spirit has changed her. She says Heavenly Father. Every time we go she has questions. The other day about poligamy and why children suffer. The spirit has guided myself and my companion in answering her the best way possible. In both occasions, she says thank you for clearing my mind and thank you for allowing me to get to know thee better. When she went to church afterwards she told us that during sacrament meeting her doubts had been cleared away. She is changing through the Holy Ghost.

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