Thursday, January 27, 2011

Megan's new language!

Sister Blonquist and Sister Jones(they were in the MTC together) are now together and they are also in Tacloban and they are the new 'sister AP's' ...what??!?! They will be giving trainings and trying to make their area into, "Mormonville" They have more sisters now close to Tacloban to try and help out the area-my first thought after they told us that was..."This will be in preparation for a temple in this area...." i know it will happen! My area is Waray Waray, so I'm learning...but it'll be just fine cause I pretty much understand, but I've just never spoke it yet...but it's fun! haha I just laugh at my self. I'm surprized at how comfortable I've gotten in Cebuano , that it's kind of like going from English to Cebuano...but I am completely confident that the Lord will help me.

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