Thursday, January 27, 2011

Josh's 1-10-11 e-mail

Well, this week was wonderful! I learned praying behind trees is really fun! hahaha. We are looking for people who need the gospel of Jesus Christ and we went to a neighborhood to knock doors to find some people especially a family who needed the gospel in their lives. A missionary in district meeting said that he had a companion that enjoyed praying behind trees because he found people who were prepared to hear the gospel. With this story in my mind I grinned at my companion and asked if he wanted to pray behind a tree. I offered the prayer and at first felt a little sheepish and than just asked if Heavenly Father wanted if he could help us find people who were prepared to hear the gospel. Afterwards we went to go knock doors. I had a feeling that Heavenly Father would help us and I had confidence he enjoyed that we prayed behind trees. We found George that day, which turned out to be the answer to our prayer. George´s brother is a member of the church and George wants to listen now to the missionaries. When we returned the next day to visit George we found his family wants to listen also. It brought tears to my eyes and I know without a doubt God answers prayers. He listens and loves us. Sorry I don´t have very much time! Love you! Elder Dustin

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