Thursday, January 27, 2011

1-23-11 Megan's 3rd Area & Sister Brinton

I Transferred!!!!! I am now in Dagami, Leyte-Close to Tacloban! and my new companion is Sister Brinton, she's from Arizona, and she's awesome! She's been here for 3 months, and Sister Blonquist trained her!! We just all keep following each other around!!! I came to Sister Blonquist's area...and Sister Farnworth went to Balaquid!!! She's with Sister Insong!!! And they're gonna be so good together!!! They texted us the first day and said, 'We already love each other!' ahaha!!! My two daughters are now working together!! The first daughter is follow-up training my second daugther!! Sorry, we have this silly lingo in the mission!

Melanie's comment: My employer used to live in Arizona and when Sister Brinton got her call to Tacloban he told her family that Megan was in that mission. I spoke to her mom and answered a few questions about the mission and now our daughters are companions-small world!

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