Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Megan's 12-26-10 e-mail

Family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! your voices were so good to hear! at least most of you...:) we are such a blessed family.
I love how the Lord puts people in our path. This morning we were waiting for the bus and this guy came and sat down next to me. I started talking to him and he is the sibling of a member and he's been gone for 8 years, only to have come back 3 days ago. He had received the discussions when he was 17 when he still lived here and he wasn't waiting for a ride, he just wanted to sit down next to us. I pray for the courage every day to talk to as many people as I can. It's so silly because satan still works on me and makes me think that I'm not good enough at the language, to 'really tell them how I feel'. I don't know how he gets in my head and does what he does-but we can overcome all temptations through our PLeading with the Lord. I want to learn tagolog. Sometimes I struggle because for example I will promise to our investigators and completely believe that if they have a problem in their life, if they read the Book of Mormon they will find their solution- but sometimes I don't believe that can happen for myself...and then I think about it and I realize that that has happened in the past, but that for example right now, or in the past couple of months I felt I've been left alone in finding a plan or solution for how I am to help those we were teaching. I need to just come to Him in complete humility-that's the key-and I will find a plan.

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