Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Megan's 1-3-11 e-mail

this week was full of interesting but amazing events... yesterday, our attendance was cut in half 'because of the rain'...but its amazed me and sister insong the more we think about it who pulled through and came to church despite the trials that were before them.after churhc sister insong asked, What if, only those people who went to church today, were saved." that is such a good point, what if, at the hardest moment when its the hardest for us to obey, we do not win the prize because of our justification?????There is an old woman, 77 years of age, who lives at the farthest west side of our area, which happens to be the farthest away from the church, and her, her daughter and her husband and their three kids....all came to church-and like the rain,...was nothing! Nothing was going to stop them from keeping the commandments. There was on the other side, a family, who lives closer, but still quite a way away from the church that didn't come because they said the wind and the rain were still really strong-and we can't judge, 'cause it was true, but we are amazed at this old lady's faith. Her name is Rosita Samong and she is preparing to go to the temple. We are edified when we come to her house and try to edify her-her faith is solid and we always become so inspired when we visit her. She always testifies to us of the power of fasting and prayer. I want her to go so bad to the temple.

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