Thursday, January 27, 2011

Josh's 4th Area-Famailla

My companion is Elder Angell from Georgia! He´s a stud! We have grown to be close friends and it´s only been a week! I am his second companion. One of the first things I did this week did was go through the area book. The area book is information about the area! surprise! It has people who have been investigating the church, people who before investigated the church, and many other things to help work in the area. We went through and I was surprised to find many people without directions, without information describing them, and many other similiar things like this! As I went through the area book I realized the importance of responsibility. Every one of us has a responsibility in the church. Whether it be a calling, home teacher,visiting teacher,deacon, miamaid, mom, or dad..everybody has a responsiblity in the church. I hope we can fill our responsiblities.

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