Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baptismal Font in Famailla

In my apartment there is a shower, and a washer (R2D2)*. Elder Angell is a excellent companion and I love being with him. ummmm.....We walk and a couple of times we have taken a car to go see members that live really far out! Like one hour of walking one way. It´s wonderful to visit all the people here, they're wonderful. It´s really rough, but I feel like home here. I feel more comfortable than any other area so far. We were planning for so many people to come to church, but not very many showed up due to the rain. Oh well! At least we had a few! I believe they hire people to do the fonts! But it´s awesome isn´t it? Mom, could you make special prayer to help the members be excited here to go to church? They need to become a ward!

*Melanie's comment; These are answers from Josh to questions I asked him. The washing machine must be similar to one he sent a picture of early in his mission. He hadn't labeled the picture and I asked him, "What is that thing that looks like R2D2 (a little robot from Star Wars)? Also, notice the lack of attendance at church due to the rain-see my comment in Megan's post below...

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