Monday, January 24, 2011

Ranch dressing and Heaven?

I learned a lesson from Ranch Dressing this week! So Mom and Dad sent me a package and it had a ranch dressing in it. It was so good to eat! I kept thinking ¨I didn´t even realize how much I missed this stuff, until now! and afterwards I learned a lesson. One day we will enter heaven and it will be familiar to us. We lived there before and we will live there again. I am sure we will be thinking I didn´t even realize how much I missed this place until now! Don´t let anything not let you have joy of a lifetime. Life is worth the trials, pains, sorrows, aches, punches and etc to have a eternal life of happiness. When we are tempted to complain, gain a eternal perspective. Look toward your goal. Don´t just go gold, but go celestial.

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