Thursday, January 27, 2011

Megan's last week in Biliran

Our attendance was 146 this week, which is really good!!! we were really happy-we sang in church and we had an investigator come that I didn't think would step foot in the church..where was my faith???? This week is transfer week and who knows what will happen. I have been here for 7 months, same as Palompon, and I have a feeling that I will still have a last area! What!!! Last area, what!? I am amazed at how fast time flies! I don't have much time, but I want you all to know, that I love the Lord! He is so kind, and loving, and He teaches me things that are so precious, I never want to stop learning about Him, I want to know Him-He is the ONLY way! I talked with an Austrailian man who thought that Jesus and Buddah were about the same level of holiness...he said that he read about Buddah's life and that they were the same- I didn't get time to talk to him because he left, but I was amazed, and I realized, that so many of God's children do NOT KNOW their SAVIOUR!!! DO you NOT SEE HIM!!?? Do you know who has carried your pains? Just like it says in the Book of Mormon,,, there is NO OTHER name! He employeth no servant at the gate. It's our mission to Know Him!!!! I love you all so much!

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