Thursday, January 27, 2011

Megan's 1-16-11 e-mail

This week we decided, as we were walking in all sorts of terrain, muddy, slidey, soggy(because of all the garbage underneath our feet) that there would be no adventure in our lives if we had things like...a sidewalk. All you have to do on a smooth, cemented Walk! You don't have to eek, or scream, or go, Ew!, or as Sister Insong said, "hold on for dear life!" You just walk boring right? That's when we came up with a motto: There's no adventure in a sidewalk. Going along with this...why, when coming home for lunch and getting ready to go back out into the treacherous rain, put on a dry pair of socks when you can just put back on your wet ones from the previous morning? The adventures that we have had...are countless! haha. But all of these things are worth it! We are growing in ways we may only see in years to come.

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